Sunday, December 2, 2012

#6 Questions and Wonders

Hello everyone!

The other day in class we're talking about which questions can we do to our students about the lessons. I also connected this with the questions we should ask ourselves as teachers. It is very important to get to know our students,  their objectives and asking ourselves how are we going to do this is the only way to achieve the goals we'all have.  But it's not a question we can ask ourselves once and that's it... no! We should ask ourselves every day, after every single lesson or session with our students. 

- Are we doing it the best we can?
- What else can I do as a teacher/guider to help them?
- Am I understanding their needs?
- Is this the correct path to follow?

These are some of the questions I thought about this topic. 

Because we chose this marvelous profession we should give everything inside of us to be the best teacher we can. We all had a grumpy teacher who looked 'burned' of his/her job. Do not let yourself to get tired of this profession, love it every day, with its best and its worst moments. 

{A beautiful quote I thought you'd like + great picture from The Daybook}

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