Sunday, December 23, 2012

#10 My PLE

Hello everyone! This subject is coming to its end and this is going to be my last entry before the conclusions. 

I want to talk about my PLE. We had the oral presentation last Friday and while I was watching the ones of my classmates I thought: Ohhh I should've include that or I like that page too, why I didn't post it? But at the end, your PLE is always changing, I will be including new pages and I am sure that in few months my Bymballo would be bigger that what it is now.

In the following image I would love to share with you my Symbaloo page, I've drawn circles in order to separate the sections it has. 

As you see easily in this picture, the colors help to understand better how I did organize it. I check all those pages at least once per week and some of them everyday and more than twice in a day.

I hope you like my webmix, if you want me to share it with you, don't hesitate in sending my an email or a message so I will do it as soon as I'm able to. 



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