Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#8 School-Home Relationship

We’ve been talking in class about the relationship between the school and the family. I think as teachers we should work in this relationship as much as possible because running with the same purpose than the families should be a priority. All we know that is there are discordances between what we do in the school and what the parents say at home (and vice versa) our students won’t achieve the same goals as if we were following the same objectives.

I tried to simplify my entry about this topic answering these questions.

  • What? Constant information is given from the school to the families and feedback. The students explain what they have done, what are they working on…
  • Who? The School (teachers, students, head of department, head teacher…) to the families and also the family informs to the school about news and relevant important.
  • How? Sending letters (like the one we did in class), a class blog, inviting the parents to daily activities, sharing experiences, etc.
  • When? ALWAYS or at least one time per week. Parents love to know what their children are doing in the school.
  • Where? Physical meetings, letters, magazines, pictures or online contact.
  • What for? In order to keep a good environment between both spaces and also to make the students feel confident and loved.

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Silvia Tort said...

Sometimes relation with families is the worst part of our job! hahahaha! ;) Nice post anyway! ;)

Laia MT said...

Silvia I'm with you!!!!

Good job Adriana!