Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why did I post that?

I decided to post this entry because after reading the document our teacher gave us about the blog, I understood the 'Free entries' should've a connection with the topics we are working in class.

Through this new entry I will explain why did I write about those topics and which connection I think they have with education and  teacher training.

Entry #1: It was about Halloween, the reason I wrote about it was because I was in the United States in that moment and Halloween is such an important holiday there. Well, it is not a holiday because they do work that day buuut I wanted to share with my classmates and the cloud how was my first real Halloween experience.
As all you know, English teachers always prepare special activities for Halloween in the Spanish schools and we all love this fun topic.

Entry #2: Why kids close their eyes when hiding? I've been a blog reader for years, I follow some blogs that I read everyday (or week) no matter what. Cup of Joe is one of these blogs thats I love and since the author has become a mother she has this Motherhood Mondays and all topics are pretty interesting for parents and teachers.
There's some investigations about kids that you'all may like. Like the one I posted here and that one about the mashmallow test, did you watch that video? Click here if not.

Entry #3: Yoga is one of my favourite things in the world, most yoga teachers would agree with me when I say yoga can help children in so many ways. Not only to get focus on something, to be patient, to have a routine (you can get this with many sports too), to know how to calm down, to learn to breathe...
Yoga and meditation are good for everyone, we can use some yoga techniques in class to help our students to relax and concentrate.

Entry #4: What to say about this... for sure affection is something we always talk about in class. Knowing our students not only in their academical issues is very very important.  In fact, children spend loooots of hours with us and they need to trust us and if you are good with/to them, they will love you as much as you will love them. It is impossible to divide love from the relationships between kids and their teacher.