Wednesday, November 21, 2012

#4 How important is affection?

Some years ago my friend Jared told me that in American schools and kindergartens, teachers are not supposed to hug and kiss their students. As well as people shouldn’t give affection to other kids in street or shops. 

For years I’ve been thinking about this and I couldn’t imagine it was true. Last month, when I went to Arkansas I had the change to meet Miss Charlotte (Jared’s mum), who is a primary teacher, she explained me that it was true but she gives love to her students anyway because they need it. Even thought, she knows she could be fired because of this.

I know so many bad things happened lately, but we can’t forget the needs our children have, how many hours they do spend with us and that some children don’t get the affection their parents should provide.
I also have the opportunity to meet a little girl called Katherine. I went trick-or-treating with her and her parents. At the beginning I was a bit nervous, not only because it was my first trick-or-treating, but also because I wasn’t sure about how to act.
After few minutes I saw and felt Katherine very comfy with me and even I am an adult, she wanted to share that moment with me and she tried to make me experience that special moment.

I would never forget when she asked me “Would you like to knock that door with me?” and also “but… you don’t get candy for Halloween in Spain?  Ohh That’s horrible!”

I didn’t act the same way I would’ve done here but I understood it was not that strict as I thought it would be.


In my opinion, us as teachers should be allowed to give love, hugs and affection to our students, because they need to feel we are there for them and that they can count on us.
What do you think about this?

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