Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#5 Meeting individual needs

I couldn’t help myself thinking in my own learning while reading this article. When I was in Primary (and of course in secondary or superior education) none of my teachers organized different kind of activities to reach every student, at least I do not remember it. Maybe they’ve done it, but I was not aware.

About the article what I found most important was what we always say in class, taking into account of children’s current levels of ability, prior knowledge, strengths… I think it’s really important as a teacher to know the specific reality of every student, their situation at home with their family, the way they learn, etc.

As we’ve been talking since last year. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Model can help and guide teachers to understand better their students and also to plan different activities to help each learning style. 

 In the article ‘Learning strategies’ by Susan House, that we read last year, it is said «we try to provide the students with various models to choose from […] they must choose for themselves».

 {Funny nepali kid in class}

I think this is really important, giving students the chance to choose what they prefer to do gives them a kind of freedom they enjoy and at the same time they’re working, even more if we just give them a worksheet.
It connects with those videos we watched at the beginning of the course about symbaloo and that girl that showed how she organize her own time and choose how she wants to do the task.  

Of course it is not easy to do this, buuuut at the same time because we care about our students we should all do a big effort and try to achieve our goals (in this case, to reach every student and their learning style)
Did any of my classmates have the opportunity to do that when they’re in school? I don’t think so. But now it’s our time to do things differently, to decide what we want to do and share with our students to provide them the best guide that we’re able to. 

{I would like to finish this entry with this quote of Dr. Seuss, we still have to learn many many things from him}


Laia MT said...

you work hard ehhh!!!!

theresa zanatta said...

I love your entry Adriana and the Dr. Seuss quote is wonderful! Thank you!!!

theresa zanatta said...

I love your blog entry and your whole blog Adriana! The Dr. Seuss quote is wonderful!!! Thank you!